Windows Based Projects:

Expenses Manager

Expenses Manager

Version: 1.9

Platform: Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10

Default username and password: username: admin, password: 1997

Download: (4 MB Download)

Description: Basically, it is a software to manage expense and budget.

Security is forefront for this project. This software using blowfish encryption algorithms to keep the data.

It is portable. The disadvantage of Expenses Manager is it is not web-based. So you can use it in a local network or your own computer only.

I developed web-based expense manager also. It is called "iexpendio" you can reach it via ""

Aladdin Vocabulary Builder

Aladdin Vocabulary Builder

Version: 12.1

Platform: Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10

Download: (17 MB Download)

Description: Aladdin is a vocabulary builder software that helps you learn vocabulary of a foreign language by providing diverse dynamic learning methods. The distinguished feature of the Aladdin Vocabulary Builder is the Intelligent Room because it has an unusual learning approach called “Dialog System Learning Method Approach”. This project is my master thesis. In this study, i'm trying to show the people how Artificial Intelligence can use to learn foreing language in a chatbot.

It is quite old but still you can use it to learn a foreign language. Nowadays I'm attempting to embedd this software's some remarkable features to our ISpeakBetter E-learning platform.

Anyway, download and give it a try !