Welcome 2018, Goodby 2017. The wishes for 2018

Evaluation of 2017, expectation of 2018

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December 30, 2017

I would like to start from 2017. 2017 was quite difficult year for me but somehow I successfully overcame them. I had wishlist from 2016 to 2017. You can find it here to read the article.

%80 of the goals were succefully achived in 2017 so I’m happy. I have had self-confidence. It has affected to my future goals also. I will confidently fullfill my 2018’s goals.

Before mentioning 2018’s goals, let’s continue what I did, experienced and learned in 2017:

  • I got to know some people who have two-faced or hidden agenda in their life.
  • Only knowledge is not enough to show the people your skills. But also the appearance, speaking beautifully are important. Because we should be aware to live in the 21st century. These kinds of things make you difference in the 21st century. People pay more attention to your appearance and speaking…
  • in 2017,I have learned that you should have B and C plan.
  • You should not lean on your company. Always try to reach your independence in terms of earning money etc.
  • Self-confidence is important.
  • Sometimes don’t care too much what people say about you. Just look forward confidently.
  • Pray is my strongest weapon.
  • Determination is very important. Do not give up quickly.
  • Frankness is not good in some cases. Less talk less mistake.

What I have liked in 2017:

  • PHPStorm IDE. It is really very successfull IDE. I have started to use it instead of Coda. More productive than Coda.
  • Things 3 for IOS and MacOS. It is really awesome to-do list app. I highly recommend it.

What I have learned in 2017:

  • Swift programming language.
  • Laravel Forge. It makes my job really easy. I highly recommend it for Laravel users…

What I have done in 2017:

  • I finished my doctorate in Information Technology. I have obtained “Dr.” title. From now on you can call me “Dr. Burhan ;-)

What will I do in 2018:

  • I will continue to learn Swift programming language to develop a proper app in 2018.
  • I will take more risk to achive my goals.
  • I want to learn more about Vue and React javascript framework.
  • To earn more money.
  • To read more books.
  • To learn more new things.

Happy new year!